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At Hoyle & Robbins, we are not just limited to fixing the engine of your car. We can also arrange your car body repairs at a reasonable and affordable rate.


From a small car body repair to improve the appearance of your car through to insurance repairs for near write-offs, or a complete re-spray on new or classic cars, our professional team at Hoyle & Robbins can help.


We can come to your aid should a vehicle be involved in an accident of any kind, whether it is a minor scratch or a full rebuild. If your vehicle is not roadworthy, we can even recover it from the roadside for you.

However old your car is, you can count on our experienced team to repair it for you. From scratches and dents to complete body repairs, we can handle it all.


As you would expect from our friendly and professional work ethic, we understand the importance of remaining mobile whilst your vehicle is with us for repair. Therefore a courtesy car will be made available to you, should you require one.


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