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Fuel injection cleaning

An efficient and clean fuel injection system is the key to performance and trouble-free running of your vehicle. However, due to fuel contamination, your vehicle's fuel injectors will encounter a range of problems.


At Hoyle & Robbins, we recommend regular servicing of your vehicle's fuel injectors at 3600 miles. This will ensure that excellent performance is maintained together with high fuel economy and with minimum exhaust pollution.


A regular service will also prolong the life of very important anti-pollution components such as the Lambda sensor and catalytic converter. If these items were to fail, the cost of replacement is exceedingly high.

We use the latest cleaning system and are able to restore the injectors to pristine condition for a fraction of the cost of replacement units.


If your vehicle shows any of the symptoms below, we can help.

• Difficulty starting

• Lumpy tick over or uneven idling

• Lack of power or performance flat spots

• Poor fuel economy

• Drives poorly

• Fails emission test

• Slow response

At Hoyle & Robbins, our team of experts have several years of experience in providing quality vehicle repairs to our customers in Loughborough and the surrounding areas. If you require any of our services, get in touch with us on 01509 235 726

How it works

Air conditioning servicing

When the sun shines, you want to be absolutely sure that your air conditioning system is in good working order, however, it is important to have your air conditioning working correctly all year round. Not only does it keep you at a comfortable temperature in summer, but it also aids de-misting windows during autumn and winter.


Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that air conditioning systems are serviced every 30,000 miles or 2 years, whichever comes first.


Standard air conditioning servicing consists of:

• Refrigerant recovery

• System leak check

• Recharge with refrigerant and lubricant oil

Fumigation and disinfection

When you turn on your air conditioning system, bacteria, fungus and other micro-organisms can reach the interior of your vehicle through the ventilation. These organisms can create foul odours within the vehicle, and they can also be the cause of unpleasant allergic reactions to many people, including:

• Blocked sinuses

• Sneezing

• Coughing

• Watery, irritated eyes


The Hoyle & Robbins air conditioning disinfection service ensures that the existing micro-organisms are totally eradicated. This highly effective system not only removes the foul odours and potential allergic reactions caused by the bacteria, fungus and organisms, but it also applies a protective layer to the air conditioning system's components to reduce the likelihood of build-up in the future.

Timing belt replacement

A vital part of an internal combustion engine that controls the timing of the engine's valves is your timing belt, or cam belt. The potential damage, both to your bank balance and to your engine, if your timing belt were to break, is considerable. A broken timing belt will effectively write off your engine and, as you would imagine, the cost of a rebuild is immense.

How to avoid an expensive repair

When a timing belt breaks, the camshaft stops turning. This leaves some of the valves in the open position. Unfortunately, the crankshaft continues to rotate by inertia and this may cause the pistons to strike the valves that are left open. This can, and often does, cause broken or bent valves, damaged pistons, and possibly, a destroyed cylinder head. Basically, letting your timing belt get to a condition where it could fail is likely to be a very expensive repair.

When to change

The manufacturer will normally specify when the timing belt on your vehicle must be replaced. This can vary from 40,000 miles to more than 120,000 miles (or 5 years, whichever is sooner) depending on the vehicle's make and model. However, if the timing belt shows any defects such as cuts, cracks or excessive wear, it must be replaced before the manufacturer's recommended interval. Please be aware, if not replaced in time, the timing belt may break, possibly causing serious engine damage.


When the timing belt is replaced it is sensible to consider the replacement of other parts, such as the water pump. The additional cost to replace the water pump is negligible compared to the overall cost of accessing the timing belt. We at Hoyle & Robbins also recommend the use of a timing belt kit. This not only replaces the timing belt, but also other parts which are susceptible to wear, and can cause damage to a new belt such as the timing belt tensioner and the idler.


Do not leave it too late – contact us to make sure you get your timing belt checked and changed if necessary.

Car valeting in Loughborough

Have your car professionally valeted with Hoyle & Robbins and we will get it looking like it has just come straight out of the showroom in a great condition. We can arrange a full range of valeting services:


Quick wash

From £5 - includes wash, leather & tyre slick


Service wash & vac

From £10 - includes wash, leather, vac, tyre slick & air freshener



From £15 - includes wash, vac, windows, interior wipe, tyre slick & air freshener


Mini valet

From £20 - includes wash, leather interior and exterior windows, polish, tyre slick & air freshener


Full valet

From £35 - includes wash, leather, tar and glue, full interior and exterior wet vac, windows, full exterior polish, tyre slick & air freshener


For more information or to arrange to have your car booked in for a valet, call 01509 235 726

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